Diet Left


So there it is: the diet left has chosen to bow down again.  This came as no surprise to me, of course, as the signs of a by-the-book Democratic Party attempt to coopt yet another movement became visible quite awhile ago.  It now appears as though the “Bernie or bust” faction has fallen to internal bickering over whether Bernie is a coward, is sincerely on the Clinton train, or is attempting some sort of last ditch Byzantine plot-within-plot.  This is a bad sign, in so far as it indicates a continuing preoccupation with cult of personality (not to mention a waste of time debating something totally irrelevant).  Even so, my bet is that a significant number of people will not follow Bernie’s lead; the apparent conviction of the Democratic Party leadership is that everyone will go ahead and fall in line.  The thing is, there are material forces at work that will not be banished by Bernie’s capitulation.  Hopefully, this will result in the center rediscovering, to its irreversible detriment, that history both exists and is not over.  Say no to the diet left.

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