The (Oval) Office

These have been floating around the net for some time now, but I thought I’d post them anyway in case someone somehow missed them.









So…. American right, tell me again why you think nations should be run like businesses?  If nothing else, these visual one liners have influenced my thinking about empire, in that the current American Empire is remarkably like The Office – a more persistently marketed knockoff of a British original.   (Quick – someone find out if Italy produced an office themed sitcom in the 50s.  If the pattern holds, it should be really funny.)

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this primary stuff later, as Mitt “the banality of evil” Romney, Newt “the unbearable lightness of being a douchebag” Gingrich and Rick “Santorum” Santorum keep at it.  Until then, remember to …

Yes, this one is old too.  Perhaps I should have updated it to read: “Hope you don’t get executed without trial.”

In the event that I have more to put up here regarding elections, I think I’ll take a little inspiration from the last post and call it “Bad Faith 2012.”

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  1. “Hope you don’t get executed without trial” is right. Christ, what nightmare are we living in?

    I was going to email you, but I can’t find any contact details here on your blog. Since you like satire, and clearly see the dangers of encroaching tyranny, you might also enjoy The United States of Air. It’s a satire that mocks the War on Terror. One reviewer said:

    “Porup takes a swipe at the War on Terror in a manner that is original
    and avoids the blatantly obvious. It would be too easy for any writer
    approaching the same subject to employ a semi-realist Orwellian tone,
    but this novel takes the humorous low-road…”

    I used to write guidebooks for Lonely Planet. I lived in Colombia for
    many years, and have seen firsthand a society warped and degraded by
    American imperialism.

    Here’s an interview I gave in October that sums up the book nicely:

    Given your political stance, I think you’d get a chuckle out of this
    book. Who knows — it might even make a difference.

    May I send you a review copy?


    J.M. Porup

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